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Healer, Intuitive Consultant, Spiritual Coach, Minister

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Dakara Kies Bio

DaKara is a Master Energy Healer, HPT Master, Coach, Consultant, Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, Reiki Master, Master Healer and Ordained Minister, Flower Essence Practitioner, Herbalist and Advanced Spiritual Response Therapist. Dakara trained with and graduated from the Feng Shui Academe of Seattle. Practical education in many modalities. EFT, TAT, Q'Point Release, Timeline therapy. Student of Law of Attraction for over 10 years.
Quantum Physics - Being the Observer in life.

Dakara has helped many individuals heal and walk their spiritual path while bringing peace, harmony and unconditional love into their lives. She would welcome the opportunity to share the gift of healing with you. Dakara shares practical tools to help her clients get focused on what it is they do want and teaches them to start vibrating that frequency to attract to them.

Dakara has been assisting others with her gifts for
over 21 years.

DaKara Kies Co. Holistic Products For Health,
Co-Creator of the Sacred Space Mall, Spiritual Teacher, Planetary Earth Change Essences, Chakra Balance Essences, Pet Calm, Herbs, Channeled Personal Flower Essence Blends, Ear Candles, Pendulums

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Spiritual Coaching, Counseling, Reading and Energy Healings can be done on a LONG DISTANCE basis.
Most of my clients live out of my area.

DaKara Kies Co
Everett, WA

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