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Dakara’s ability to help an individual use the Law of Attraction is amazing. I have been working with her to build my businesses and to finish large projects. The magic that has happened for me is directly related to her ability to help move beyond the HOW. I have changed so much in the last six months from working with her. I encourage anyone thinking of utilizing her services to stop thinking and hire her immediately.

Thanks, Lori Abrahamson : )


"Dakara is an Angel and it is a blessing to have her in my life". I am so grateful for her love, and sincerity that I have experienced the last 5 months in working with her over the phone. She has helped me to tap into Divine Love, Happiness, Self-love, Inner Peace and Guidance. We may realize what our challenges in life are, and where we think it stems from, but Dakara is able to work with you to uncover the layers we are usually afraid to uncover & realize the true core of our issues. To know our issues is one thing, to marry them is another. We have the "choice" to permanently remove the "blocks" and free ourselves from hooking into old, negative energy. I would not be where I am at today if it wasn't for Dakara being a part of my self-growth journey, teaching me that I have the power to manifest what I want to attract in my life, and free myself from old patterns.

K.N., NJ


"I live in Alaska, so all my healings are long distance. My husband was at first cynical about the healings. How could a healing possibly work when Dakara is in another state? But the entire family has seen the evidence. Friends I have referred to Dakara continue to return to her as well. My husband says that the healings are "stupendous" and he has had healings himself now. My 4 year-old daughter actually asks me to "ask Dakara for a healing for me" when she feels out of balance and hurting."

"My pets, of course, can not talk to Dakara, so their healings don't need to be on a schedule. But I still know when Dakara has completed a healing for them. It is always obvious. One of the first healings Dakara did for my 14 year-old dog returned her mobility so well that she can now jump in the car again. It is wonderful to see her acting young again."

"I trust Dakara and her healings without question, her guidance and healings have been that effective."

S.M., Kenai, AK

More from S.M

Hi Dakara,

That last healing was really quite amazing. Shannon relaxed and went to sleep right away…most unusual. Then today she woke up and was ready to socialize right away! Usually she is shy and not ready to talk to Peter or care givers for a few hours.

Cool healing. Thanks,

Tasha is walking WAY better and more energetic! Nice to see, thanks!

S.M., Kenai, AK


I want to recommend to anyone who truly wants to make changes in their life to get "Dakarasized" and believe in the magic! I have taken the Raise Ur Vibration class and the Deliberate Creation class. Both were amazing! The energy work created major shifts that I felt so strongly over days. In the class, I felt the shifts -just like I took a turn and veered off in another direction. I have taken all of the biweekly energy classes that Dakara offers and all I can say is that my life has changed like I never believed was possible. I quit smoking after a "Relationship" class. I just set my intention to have healthy lungs. I have manifested an almost impossible personal relationship into something that is growing and blossoming from almost nothing. In friendships and at work, I now stand up for myself and the relationships have become more satisfying and fulfilling for me. At the end of the day, I do not feel like I have been used. Dakara has shown me the magic of manifesting what I want my life to look like. It really works! Everyday now something is popping up that I wanted. But, the most important thing is that I AM HAPPY and I am truly finding the beauty and love that this life has to offer me.

Maria V.
Lynnwood, WA


I had DaKara do a spiritual engery healing session, and when I woke up the next morning, I felt like a heavy load had been listed off my chest. The anger about several issues that had been festering inside me was gone, and I felt rejuvinated. Thank you so much!

K.L., Cle Elum, Washington


DaKara has the gift of otherworldly sounds that, when vocalized, blast negative beliefs and blockages that can impede success. Dakara implements numerous techniques, but the Pleadian sounds always come through as the carrier of a deeper knowledge of information about my being that gently or forcefully touches me as needed. These Pleadian sounds communicate with the body and encourages optimum re-alignment and healthier patterns and I leave feeling genuinely brighter in body, mind and spirit. Her healing presence is a gift to humanity.

~Anonymous, Lynnwood, WA~


That letter has arrived today.I am a Winner exactly as you saw when you told me to imagine,and expect the letter arriving.

In your own words," OM te OM"



DaKara has an exotic richness and depth that explodes my fantasies of separation and duality. DaKara has Pleadian forces in her voice that transmute reality and I feel fresh and rejuvenated after she lovingly brings the Universal orchestra to my heart. DaKara has akashic insight into your deepest desires and will astound you with elegant manifestations.

~Anonymous Arlington, WA~


DaKara we would like to thank you for all the great information and benefits we received from your reading and healing sessions. Our outlook on life has changed drastically and our family and business life have improved 100% for the better. We feel so blessed that we have found you. DaKara, you are such a beautiful spiritual person with a great gift to humanity. We would highly recommend you to anyone who is seeking personal healing and meaningful advice from a higher source.

Best wishes: Iby and Alejandro Gonzalez, Mission,TX


Hi Dakara

It's Patti from the Hartford, CT Expo. I asked Bryan for your email. I hope you don't mind. Anyway, I wanted to thank you again for the energy work you did on my tooth that Saturday. It really did make a difference and my trip to the dentist proved to be futile as there was nothing on the xray. Yeah for me. Well, I just wanted to express my thanks again. It was nice meeting you and I hope to work with you again in the future.

Take care
Patti D. Conneticut


Hi Dakara, Much to my amazement, my back is much better. I slept better and everything! I was not enthusiasm about the Sedona Method because I had done it in the '90 and ho hum....... but yesterday! GOOD RESULTS!

G.L. New Mexico


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